What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. It is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or unpaid (“organic”) search results. (Wikipedia)

What are Paid Ads?

Paid Ads or PPC (Pay Per Click) are sponsored advertisements that are featured on certain areas of search engines like Google’s pages. They are set up like an auction system whereby the keywords that are found have a price that is paid every time a viewer clicks on their site, therefore the term: “pay per click”. Different social media site like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter have a Paid Ad function as well where one can purchase advertisement on their sites.

Do I need both SEO and PPC?

It depends. Some businesses do both if they want to dominate the Google page however depending on the business and industry that one is in will also determine whether PPC works well or not. If there is a correlation with a “click” that is tied to a purchase or “call to action”, then a PPC might make sense. It is a mathematical determination. Depending upon what the market rate per click costs and the volume of customers via email or physical traffic or phone calls resulting from that click is really the key factor.

Do you use social media and is it important?

Yes, we actively integrate social media into our SEO work. It is very important because the search results are heavily dependent upon what the audience and viewership is saying. Social media provides that forum for gathering opinions and sentiment that is shared with friends, family, and the public at large. Because of the structure of social media, there is credibility and trust built into the posted content.

How much time does SEO take to work?

It depends. The key factors that affect the time frame are competitiveness of the industry, which key words or phrases are targeted, and the geographic coverage that a business is seeking to compete in. 4-6 months is an expected time frame to work with before beginning to see results.

Why can’t we just do more faster to get quicker results?

Moving faster is comparable to “cutting in line” in a restaurant while many others are waiting. The establishment would not tolerate it and in this case, the search engines would actually penalize you for it. There are certain conventions that we operate within that balance moving quickly with acceptable methods used that are acceptable by the search engines.

Can you guarantee me top rankings on the search engines like Google?

There are no guarantees since the search engines are changing the algorithms regularly in order to reduce “gaming the system”. We know that we can achieve successful results but specific ranking positions cannot be guaranteed. Anytime a company “guarantees” rankings should be avoided at all costs.

How is SEO the “currency for Wall Street”?

Business is always about profitability and managing income statements, cash flow, and balance sheets. SEO provides the digital tools in order to boost sales revenues through advertisements and content. Ultimately, the work translates into profitability, the core of Wall Street.


SEO Energy

Online Presence:
“The World is Flat”, a Best Seller by Thomas Friedman says it all. The global expanse and ability to share knowledge and resources today is unprecedented. We create, conduct, and facilitate webinars via Google Hangouts and other sources that enable participants to engage from the comfort of their offices or homes either live or recorded. Aside from the convenience factor, this also enables clients to reach an audience that is exponential in their numbers and geographic domains. Cross border time zones and foreign jurisdictions that can also share in valuable material online.

A business’ online presence is invaluable as it represents the billboard and signage that prospective customers see and are drawn to through. Whether your business is brick and mortar retail storefront or virtual, it still requires recognition online built on the digital tools that are available to you.

Web Ranking:
The Yellow Pages no longer plays the role in our search lives that it did fifteen or twenty years ago. The internet search bar has taken its place with our ability to use Smart phones, tablets, and computers to find what it is that we need. The use of keywords and phrases that lead to the top product or service provider on the web is determined by “web ranking”. We position clients appropriately within their geographic domain to target their audience when seeking those keywords. There are two clear characteristics of those searching online amongst the human population and that is best described as impatient and presumptuous. People are generally busy and in a hurry. They also presume that the top search results are the best. Given this human behavior pattern that is a known fact necessitates the importance of web ranking.

Why ranking is important ties directly to the revenue model that translates a call to action when a business is found with high search rankings. There is a direct correlation to the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo with regards to the keywords or phrases that are typed when people search. 65% of the search volume is occupied by the top three spots on the first page.

We utilize the tools that represent efficient and appropriate approaches to search engine algorithms. In a world that is constantly changing in technology, this process is a dynamic one that requires continual education and nimble responses. Core principles remain the cornerstone of success however a firm understanding of all the intricacies tied together is where a solid team shines.

Brand Popularity:
Recognition of a logo or insignia of a business define one of the most important aspects of marketing a product or service. The look, sound, and feel also contribute to that “brand popularity” whether it be font selection, layout, or color schemes used in any material. An identification with an easily recognized brand is priceless in its inherent value to a business’ revenue contribution.

The immediate familiarity with a product or service through its brand ties in a person’s correlation with something personal. Once that is etched in their mind where it penetrates the subconscious is when it attains its invaluable status. Subtle or overt in where it stands, branding plays an invaluable role in marketing and sales for any business.

Video Appeal:
It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. What then is a video worth? Visualization of anything is invaluable and encapsulates the energy and feeling of any message or presentation. The use of video maintains that widespread appeal of human audiences and search engines alike. Reading content is important however watching a video is faster and easier. Visualization allows an audience to identify immediately with the message and content and its authors. Sound quality and video lighting make the difference on the experience and can determine the length of viewership and frequency. Most important however is the action that its audience takes after viewing which translates into a sale or a loyal customer relationship.

Public Relations:
The value of utilizing a professional public relations team develops and cultivates brand recognition and credibility amongst a wide audience incorporating a variety of media whether it be radio, television, podcast, or news/ magazine print, or digital. Positioned properly, a business or individual personality can lend a professional level of credibility with such a public relations campaign. Media kits and persona recognition that can be captured in interviews is a powerful tool when boosting a name brand.

Often times, it is extremely difficult to market yourself when a professional team can view a personality with an objective eye. It is that objectivity that also enables the public relations professional to portray characteristics that one’s self cannot do effectively.

Social Sharing:
The Digital Age does not mark the death of personal engagement and interaction. On the contrary, it has provided the means and opportunity to involve others in community sharing and collaboration. There are a number of social media sites that target and focus different audiences with different needs. The human experience has exponentially grown with social sharing.

PPC Monetization:
Pay Per Click (PPC) or Adwords on Google, has become an extremely popular means of online advertising that correlates the return on the advertising investment to the client. The keyword analyses is similar to organic search in SEO, however there is a direct charge for every “click” that is encountered on one’s website.

Ebitda Advantage:
Ebitda (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) is the popular nomenclature on Wall Street that essentially describes net income. It is vital to have a firm understanding of what sales revenues exist and what it costs in order to achieve those sales. Our role as SEO experts is not limited to only digital tools and format. It is with the financial mindset that guides what we utilize to boost performance for all our clients. After all, business is always about profits or ebitda and it is not only what you make but what you keep. Coupling financial acumen with our tools of digital marketing gives us a huge advantage in wading through the competitive business landscape that challenges all business owners and companies.

Business Value:
Companies have different aspirations and goals. Depending upon their anticipated life cycles and/ or exit strategies, can alter what those values are. The future growth of a business affects the capitalization plans, expansion of sales and operations, and any capital investment. The value of a business is based on its multiple of earnings that are forecasted into the near future, described as “pro forma”.

Funding Strategies:
Accessing capital is an art unto itself. Most businesses start with the bank instead of having a roadmap to what their business plans are, then entertaining the various funding options that will then provide the most efficient and cost effective source of capital based on that need. Terms, rates, structure, and balance sheet impact all come into play in order to decipher the right choice.

Foreign Markets:
Global opportunity is abundant in this 21st century and businesses need to entertain their global options that can determine cost of goods sold with suppliers or customers abroad that have a demand for their products or services. Before delving into this arena one must be equipped with a firm understanding of customs, logistics, political climates, and currency conversion impact in addition to local cultures and beliefs that may affect how commerce is conducted.

Safe Growth:
Contrary to what many might think, growth comes in many shapes and forms. As a company expands, it is important to know how to grow and what other aspects of a business must be incorporated in this growth in order to accommodate this transformation. Taking on more than a business can handle can result in devastating outcomes. Attention to profit margins, market share, and capital investment all contribute to harnessing safe growth.

Product Analysis:
Choosing the right product requires an understanding of the entire logistics supply chain or fulfillment team. Our team provides guidance and carefully thought out plans to help businesses deliver their products profitably and effectively.