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Mobile Devices

The next Google algorithm for April 2015 has arrived! This in essence points at the trend towards mobile usage. Google recognizes the dependence upon mobile devices and sees the shift in the tide. They are scrutinizing the mobile responsiveness to a website page by page. Last year, apparently mobile searches accounted for 30% of the total volume including foreign language devices. This year, statistics have shown that these numbers have doubled to 60%. With such an overwhelming movement here, it is obvious why the level of importance has taken on such prominence. There is a mobile friendly test that can be done by typing in the url (in this link) of a website and see how compliant a website is. Tablets are not yet targeted but will soon be as well.
It stands to reason that if Google is in the business of advertising, then it will set its ground rules to fit with its audience. After all, “algorithm” has become synonymous with “Google ground rules”, hasn’t it?


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