How SEO is Wall Street’s New Currency

With digital marketing taking such a dominant portion of businesses revenues today, it is no wonder that seo, search engine optimization, is today’s currency.  Wall Street always recognizes profits in any business and when there is a predominance of profits that are attributable to a common source, the money guys awaken.  Since metrics of measuring performance and success can be tracked online, seo is the heartbeat of where commerce and performance meet.

About Robert Ong

Robert “Bob” Ong Bob spent over thirty years on Wall Street trading and raising capital for companies and global sovereigns and countries where he experienced the hyperinflation of the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s, the “roaring ‘80’s of monetary policy and stimulation, the dotcom boom and bust cycle, through to the digital age and dependency of social media, search engine significance, and online engagement. Born and raised in New York City and its metropolitan area and a graduate of Amherst College, Bob brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Need SEO team. An avid athlete and Master of Kung Fu, Bob plays competitive tennis and navigates sailboats in the Clearwater/ St. Petersburg waters. Having travelled extensively throughout the world with multilingual skills, Bob has positioned his company to leverage and capitalize on his experience.

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