Website Design


Website Design

Website Design determines the first 5 seconds that you have to capture a visitor’s attention. The "WOW Effect" is how we describe what we strive for in each and every website. Since this about your audience, once they are gone, they generally don’t return. So what is it about a website that keeps them? What is it that triggers their curiosity to want more information and dig deeper into the website to find more or want to engage and ask or enroll with your business? That is our job to make your website and its landing pages attractive and appealing. Engagement is the key while curiosity is the bait that grabs those wanting to know about your business’ products or services.

A website is your home that you invite the public to visit. That home should always be built where you have total control and can make changes to it as you see fit.

Website Design and Development


Mobile Ready

Did you know that as of 2016, over 59% of online searches are conducted on a mobile cellphone? With cellphone purchases increasing every day, this will only get larger and larger. The search engines are therefore placing a high priority on “mobile ready” websites. But what does that really mean today? OK, so there is: mobile friendly, mobile optimized, and mobile responsive. What does each one mean and what is their significance to you?

Mobile Friendly

A mobile friendly website refers to a website that sizes to display clearly as one uses different devices such as laptops, tablets, desktops, or smart phones. All websites must be mobile friendly for today’s technology.

Mobile Optimized

A mobile optimized website is much more involved and involves reformatting the website so that when visited, the site appears to enable engagement by the viewer from a handheld device or tablet. It generally is formatted so that the “call to action” is easily accomplished by the device user from a smaller screen. The navigation buttons are larger and easier to press and find with the thumb of one hand.

Mobile Responsive

A mobile responsive website offers the optimum flexibility for all different devices and orientates the website accordingly. So here, there is a combination of reformatting and re-optimizing that takes place. Depending on the device, the layout might appear differently in order to allow the contents and images to appear functionally accessible as a result of the sizing required.