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PPC: Pay Per Click  

Need SEO's Google Partners work in order to provide the most up to date and state of the art approaches to competing in the Google online auction. In this competitive world of “clicks” and “conversions”, Need SEO has established itself as a “solutions management provider” in the 2019 world of digital commerce and online reach.  

There are many components of PPC advertising and done correctly, they can provide a huge time and budget savings in maximizing one’s ROAS or Return On Ad Spend. As in any competitive business however, there are many pitfalls and obstacles that can make PPC daunting and expensive without proper and professional management.  

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SEO: Search Engine Optimization 

The business of organically ranking a website is constantly changing and the rules and dynamics keep it forever challenging. This is not to state that organic SEO listing should not be strived for nor does it not have its value. It is necessary to understand its role and purpose towards a business’ success and Need SEO understands that as an ambassador of the online process, educating those that choose to participate is its primary and foremost responsibility.  

Need Lead Follow: GEO Fencing, Contextual Search, Remarketing, and Addressable Advertising 

Artificial Intelligence plays a greater role in the ability to analyze and understand human behavior and the way that we can upstage the attention of prospects, competitor’s shoppers, and those that have expressed intent to shop, buy, or inquire. Need Lead Follow has established itself as a pioneer in this dynamically unfolding technology that is taking the online and offline marketing business by storm.  

The business and art of marketing is constantly changing and requires the ability to test and challenge and change constantly. Results that are achieved need to be implemented to follow success while those less impactful, paused. Our core principles are always to seek out the leading minds and influencers that are found and capitalize on studying and implementing successful methods

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